About us

At the time Brachia agricultural cooperative was founded, the primary goal was to affirm the quality of Dalmatian olive oils. It was created a bit out of spite because at that time it was spoken and written exclusively about top quality olive oils from Istria. Agricultural cooperative Brachia was founded in 2006 with a goal to place top quality olive oil from island Brač on the market. 

We have launched Brachia so we could present and affirm olive oil form Brač on the world market. 

In that moment we decided to start a premium line of olive oil, to invest in its branding and market development. 

Today well-known ceramic white bottle shaped like an olive was created because of cooperation between cooperative managers and designers and in a very short time launched the brand on the front pages. Assignment was to design labels for classic packing od standard and premium extension which will define it as quality and original oil as well as to design the exclusive packaging which will define it as premium, quality, original and valuable oil. Thanks to extraordinary quality of the olive oil, the design, but also the professional distribution, which is run for Brachia by Uje a company based in Split form the first day, this olive oil is still the most famous brand of olive oil in Dalmatia. 

After Brachia’s initial success and numerous awards for quality and design Brachia marketed a line of line of varietal and flavored oils, sometime later an eco-selection and olive oil for kids, Brachia kids. 

Since Brachia’s mission from the very beginning was to support the local community in the placement of olive oil on the market as well as the affirmation of Brač olive oil, soon the need for consumer, daily, olive oil presented itself and Brachia is present on the market with this line that can be found in a wide trade offer. 

Brachia’s story about love towards the island which was too modest in the presentation of its gold.