• We Are Proud

    Brachia is a top class Croatian product. We have received many awards for quality of our oil,
    and also for the packaging and visual identity.

    - Included in the exhibition Olive oil identity – communication and design, CRO

    - Listed in Flos Olei 2011 – the most famous olive oil guide in the world

    - Listed in Flos Olei 2010 – the most famous olive oil guide in the world

    - Selected in "Hrvatski dizajn sad / Croatian Design Now", Victor Margolin and Feđa Vukić, 2009, CRO
    - Listed in L'extravergine 2009 – the most famous olive oil guide in the world

    - Creativity Annual Gold Award, 38th Creativity Annual Awards, USA
    - ADI Graphic Design Annual, Art and Design Institute of China Academy of Art, PRC
    - ZGRAF honorary reward, 10th ZGRAF – international exhibition of graphic design
    and visual communication, CRO

    - Golden Drum finalist, Golden Drum Festival, SLO
    - The Cup, International advertising cup - ICAC, SLO
    - FESTO Silver bell, 16th FESTO - market communication festival, HOZ - Croatian Advertising
    Association, CRO

    - Listed in L'extravergine 2008 – the most famous olive oil guide in the world
    - Published in Novum - world of graphic design, New Media Magazine Verlag GmbH, 02 / 2008, D
    - Published at web portal The Dieline
    - Published in web magazine Israeli Design Magazine

    - PRINT's A+C=D Business Graphics Review, PRINT Magazine, USA
    - Nominated for President Award 2007, among the 5 world's best packagings for that year,
    WPO - World Packaging Organization, S

    - WorldStar Award for Packaging Excellence 2007, WPO - World Packaging Organization, S
    - Maslina 2007 – for best olive oil packaging in Croatia
    - Listed in L'extravergine 2007 – the most famous olive oil guide in the world

    - 040506 Exhibition of Croatian Design - Croatian Designers Society, CRO
    - BEDA European Design Award, Bureau of European Design Associations,
    packaging award

    - FESTO Silver bell, 14th FESTO - market communication festival, 
    HOZ - Croatian Advertising Association, CRO

    - CroPak of the year, CroPak - national festival of packaging and printing,
    Institute for packaging and printing, CRO

    - WorldStar Award for Packaging Excellence 2006, WPO - World Packaging Organization, S
    - Nominated for President Award 2006, among the 5 world's best packagings for that year,
    WPO - WPO - World Packaging Organization, S

    - HOW International Design Award 2006 for packaging
    - Published in DesignWeek magazine, GB

    Brand and visual identity of the Brachia p.z. is the product of design team of agency TRIDVAJEDAN.

  • Myth

    An illustrious Trojan warrior Antenor anchored on the island which he named Brachia (Brac) after his previous setting Ambrachiji. He was accompanied by a wine grower Silen who, due to the word of mouth, planted an olive sprout. The olive thrived on the infertile soil of the island of Brae and it become vital to many generations of the local people.

    And nowadays, we are given the pleasure of enjoying this authentic product of the island of Brac.

  • Island of Brac

    For the whole past decade olive oils from the highest Croatian island have acquired the utmost acknowledgment. Over the past years it has became almost an imperative. The most innovative olive manufactures have been installed on the island of Brac and the olive groves are being taken care of as never before. 

    So this moment was considered as the right one to introduce the production of the Brachia olive oil. The fabrication of the respective oil was induced by enthusiasm of people, and their descendants, whose lives are intimately associated to the island. The mission of the Brachia oil is very straightforward: to represent to Croatia and to the world a sort of oil highly appreciated by the local people of the island of Brac over the past decades. The oil is produced out of an authentic olive kind called oblica grown in the olive groves, insensitive to the strong and cold wind regarded as bura, as well as to the summer heath. Olive experts speculate over the posture of the Brachia oil while those who have never enjoyed the supremacy of olive oil, would be astonished by its complex essence.

  • Liquid Gold

    The scientific researches carried out over the past few years throughout the world, approved an already recognizable outlook: olive oil, as the most important component of the Mediterranean cuisine, has very beneficial effect on the human body. Due to the admirably balanced structure of olive oil it protects blood veins from premature ageing, it preserves the function of stomach and liver it sustains growing in childhood and, because of its nutritious and therapeutic effects, it is recommended in daily nourishment.

    Olive oil prevents chronic diseases since it contains polyphenols which, as predicted by the recent researches, would be the most used remedy in the next decade.  

  • Products

    • Brachia ceramic

      – 0.5L

      Brachia ceramic is our exclusive product. It is made of white ceramics. It is packed in a white box, and comes with stainless steel pourer.

    • Brachia ceramic
      exclusive product

      – 0.5L

    • Brachia ceramic

      – 0.25L

    • Brachia ceramic
      exclusive product

      – 0.25L

    • Brachia ceramic
      chilli flavoured

      – 0.25L

      Brachia ceramic is chilli flavoured extra virgin olive oil.

    • Brachia ceramic
      lemon flavoured

      – 0.25L

      Brachia ceramic is lemon flavoured extra virgin olive oil.

    • Brachia

      – 0.75L, 1L

    • Brachia premium

      – 0.25L, 0.5L, 0.75L, 1L

    • Brachia premium

      – 0.1L

    • Brachia varietal

      – 0.1L

      Brachia varietal olive oils are the result of our desire to promote indigenous olive sorts of the island of Brač.
      Brachia varietal olive oils are made from Oblica, Levantinka and Buharica olives. Each of these varieties, however, is a different story.

    • Brachia flavoured

      – 0.1L

      Brachia olive oil flavoured with lemon, basil, chilli, rosemary and garlic.

  • Where to Buy


    Olive oil shop Uje, Obala kralja Petra Krešimira IV 16,
    TEL: 023/383-509


    Olive oil shop Uje, Porat bolskih pomoraca 5, TEL: 021/635-927


    Olive oil shop Uje, „Ex Krilić“ Placa bb, TEL: 020/321-532
    Olive oil shop Uje, „Bagat“ Od puča 2, TEL: 020/324-865
    Olive oil shop Uje, Placa 9, TEL: 020/324-055
    Dubrovnik Airport


    Olive oil shop Uje, Plokata 45, TEL: 020/711-246


    Olive oil shop Uje, Dekumanova 17, TEL: 052/427-279


    Olive oil shop Uje, Carera 40 b, TEL: 052/811-715


    Olive oil shop Uje, Obala bana Šubića 12, TEL: 022/771-664


    Olive oil shop Uje, Marulićeva 1, TEL: 021/342-719
    Olive oil shop Uje, Šubićeva 6, TEL: 021/345-070
    Split Airport


    Olive oil shop Uje, Gradska vrata 11


    Olive oil shop Uje, Obala sv. Jurja bb, TEL: 021/711-493


    Olive oil shop Uje, Trg Franje Tuđmana 11


    Olive oil shop Uje, Olive Oil Gallery, Centar Kaptol
    Bonkulović delikatese, Centar Kaptol
    Bonkulović delikatese, Britanski trg
    Zagreb Airport

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    Brachia p.z., Put sv.Roka 21, 21400 Supetar
    TEL: 021/490-990, FAX: 021/490-992
    MOB: 098/936-8573
    E-MAIL: info@brachia.hr

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